Top 5 Best Waterproof Phone Cases for iPhones of 2021

Top 5 Best Waterproof Phone Cases for iPhones of 2021

Today’s smartphones don’t come cheap, which is why you need the protection offered by one of the best waterproof phone cases to protect your device on all your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re white-water rafting or simply hanging out by the pool, these cases will make sure that your phone stays safe and dry from the elements.

The best waterproof phone cases don’t just protect your smartphone against water, but also sand, dust, dirt, and even snow, while also usually offering some level of drop protection, too. They’ll take you well beyond the water resistance offered by most modern smartphones, letting you take deep dives and even take pictures underwater. The best waterproof phone cases are a must-have for anybody with an active lifestyle, and especially those into water sports, but they’re also great for anybody who’s just worried about fumbling and dropping their phone outdoors.

Quick Recommendations

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PRICE:$54(Limited Time Special)


MAXIMUM DEPTH: 50ft / 15m



  • Water-resistant up to 50ft
  • 3.2ft anti-shock, 19.7ft anti-drop height
  • 360 Degree Full Protection
  • Sensitive touch, easy to use
  • Clear image view
  • Broad Compatibility
  • Easy To Carry & Come with Lanyard
  • Trustworthy brand
  • Provide high-quality after-sales service
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Often out of stock



MAXIMUM DEPTH: 33ft / 10m



  • Immersion up to 33ft
  • Shock and drop resistant up to 6.6ft
  • Relatively slim design
  • The shooting is clearer
  • Completely sealed


  • Hight price
  • Only one model



MAXIMUM DEPTH: 10ft / 3m



  • Strong metal frame and shatterproof panels
  • Relatively slim design
  • Compatible with high-quality lenses
  • Removable screen protection


  • Poor audio in waterproof mode
  • Touchscreen less responsive with waterproof cover



MAXIMUM DEPTH: 130ft / 40m



  • Waterproof to 130 feet / 40 meters
  • Durable design with solid seals
  • Physical controls work with the iOS Camera app
  • Adapter ring and screw hole for accessories


  • Cumbersome to use
  • Buttons are not always perfectly aligned



MAXIMUM DEPTH: 10ft / 3m



  • Fits most phones
  • Allows full touchscreen use
  • Secure & lightweight Design
  • Very affordable


  • Must be sealed properly to avoid disaster
  • Clear windows can steam up and reduce image quality

Why Is the DECENTRAVELER™ Underwater Phone Case Rated #1 of 2021?

  • Water-resistant up to 50ft.
  • 3.2ft anti-shock, 19.7ft anti-drop height.
  • 360 Degree Full Protection.
  • Clear image view.
  • Sensitive touch, easy to use.
  • Widely compatible with different iPhones.
  • Easy To Carry & Come with Lanyard.
  • Trusted by 11,000+ customers.
  • Best value for your money.

Things To Consider When Buying a Waterproof Phone Case

Waterproof cases come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are designed to shrug off precipitation, while others are made for plunging to the ocean floor.

The key things to look for are ease of use and the IP rating.

What Does the IP Rating Actually Mean?

Among the specs for any waterproof case, the IP rating is the most important. This code provides a definitive measure of the water- and dust resistance of any device or accessory.

Although the numbers seem cryptic at first, the IP rating is actually very straightforward. The first number represents resistance to dust and other solid substances on a scale of 0 to 6.

The higher the number, the better the protection, although each number actually represents a very specific test standard. Sometimes, you may see an “X” instead of a figure; this means the case hasn’t been tested with dust.

When searching for a waterproof case, the second number is the more telling. This tells you how water-resistant the case is. As a guide, you want to be looking for at least IPX6, which represents being blasted with 75 liters per minute of water.

For regular shooting in the rain and the occasional dunk, consider IPX7. A case that reaches this standard will keep your phone dry for 30 minutes in one meter of water. The IPX8 rating is a little more nebulous, simply requiring a case to outperform the IPX7 standard.

More Than Waterproof Protection?

Although a waterproof case is primarily made to shield your phone from liquids, you may want a case that offers other forms of protection.

While most waterproof cases prevent bumps and scratches, some are more rugged than others. Cases with thicker bumpers are easier to hold in wet conditions, and they are more likely to bounce than break. Some are designed specifically to withstand significant falls.

Universal Fit

Many waterproof phone cases are designed to fit any smartphone within specific dimensions. In most instances, they live up to this claim. However, the one-size-fits-all approach comes with downsides.

In order to accommodate the various designs of different makes and models, case makers will create something loose-fitting. The extra material may get in the way when you are trying to shoot. Furthermore, universal waterproof cases might not fit very well with unusually shaped devices.

For these reasons, look for a case that is designed specifically for your device.

Made for Photography?

The other key consideration is image quality.

Just because a case can protect your phone from water does not mean it is well suited to photography. While it may not obscure the camera, the plastic might scratch easily or distort your photos. Where possible, choose a case that has a dedicated window for the camera lens.

Why Trust Us?

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  • We own and field test every product we recommend, which is sadly not the norm.
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